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Why ideaApp


98% of the world’s patents make little or no money for their patent holder.

With only 2% emerging as money makers, the odds of success may seem overwhelming. Let’s look at the reality and challenges ahead…

Who will pick the winners? The reality – the market and buying public will.

So, why only 2%?

The market always confirms or denies whether your idea is a money maker or not. The “why” is largely due with how the invention times with the market, the manner in which it is presented to the market, and the know-how used to get it there at the right time, the right place, and at the right price.

One person taking that inventors journey from “Dreams to Reality – Ideas to Revenue” is bucking the odds of being a success. Putting all your dreams into a single invention reduces your chances of moving from “Dreams to Reality – Ideas to Revenue.”

The Solution?

Partner with (ideaApp) harnesses the power of your invention and transports you from “Dreams to Reality – Ideas to Revenue”. (ideaApp) founder Alan Amron is in the elite 2% of patent holders and has made millions of dollars on his ideas. In fact, Alan Amron and his associates have achieved double-digit entry into the prestigious 2% patent holder moneymaker club and multi-millions of dollars in the process.

Now is your opportunity to have a team like ideaApp on your side. Join ideaApp and be assured of at least a shot at getting your ideas to market. When you join ideaApp, you become:

• A shareholder and participant in multiple inventions, the other 50 plus ideas we are developing and marketing at the same time.. & possible dividends

• The money you have already invested to get this far converts to tradable common stock in the ideaApp.

• A team of experts (engineering, marketing, sales, distribution, legal, etc.) that it takes to go from “Dreams to Reality – Ideas to Revenue” with ZERO out-of-pocket dollars from the day your invention is accepted.


Your success is no longer measured on just your invention. You increase your win rate by having on average of 50-plus inventions active in the development stage. If a ideaApp invention is a hit – you make money!

Here is what joining ideaApp delivers:

• Complete funding from “idea to Revenue.”

• Unlimited funding to protect, develop and market your inventions.

• All the money laid out so far on your invention in dollar–for-dollar stock value in ideaApp.

• 50% of the ideaApp, generated royalties from "your idea".

• Top Harvard and Columbia Business School MBA management managing and working to bring your product to market.

• Profit sharing, stock options & dividends.

• Full rights and title protections clause; with ideaApp, the inventor gets his or her invention back in full rights title and interest with all the ideaApp additional product advancements and money invested should ideaApp ever go out of business OR elects to no longer keep up with the patent maintenance fees.

Whether you are an investor or an inventor, align yourself with a proven team of Invention Industry experts. Year after year, for the past 25 years, we have generated success measured by the 2% guidepost of moneymaking patents. Our past credits are long and include top TV distribution outlets, under licensing agreements with leading brands, and direct placement in web-based AND brick and mortar retail chains:

QVCNikon Camera HSN

Fisher-PriceBuddy LLJNMattelColecoBlue BoxLaramiEmpire of Carolina

WalmartTargetSharper ImageToys "R" UsKmartBest Buy

ideaApp's broad and deep experience protecting, developing and registering defensible patents has generated (thru its founder Alan Amron) in 38 number of patents issued, 6 pending and 4 in progress as we speak. Our granted patents are part of the 2% club – the storied few that have made millions of revenue dollars. We know how to take “Dreams to Reality – ideas to Revenue” and evaluate projected realistic returns and identify home run hits.

Alan Amron