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Frequently Asked Questions

Now FREE Patent Search it and have peace of mind, that if it's been done before, do not waste your time or money, but if it was never done before, go for it with vigor and confidence.

The new 2012 United States Patent Office rule is the "FIRST INVENTOR TO FILE" is the inventor. Embodied in statute 35 CFR part 1 - click here to read.

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The questions listed below are important to all inventors and writers who are considering working with us at ideaApp.

Can ideaApp Help me Patent, Develop and Sell my idea?

Yes, ideaApp for free assists you in locating resource services right from our app, and or on line when logged in thru our website. We do this by providing you with Links directly to those resources like patent attorneys, artists, model makers, engineers, investors etc. to perform these services.

  • Assemble general information relating to the invention such as benefits, features, market targets, etc.
  • Hire a graphic conceptual illustrator
  • Write text for invention literature and have it printed
  • Assemble a list of companies to which ideas could be submitted
  • Obtain confidentiality agreements with those companies
  • Attend industry trade shows to make general contacts
  • Submit your idea to companies
  • Hire a licensed patent attorney

ideaApp resource Links found individually by an inventor acting alone would take months. At ideaApp they are now free and right at your fingertips.

Why ideaApp? ---- What are the ideaApp users saying?

"Finally, something useful!" Posted by Christopher (LinkedIn)

"I have signed up and am very pleased with the ease, timeliness and search features. Thank you for posting this for us all to use." Posted by Kathy (LinkedIn)

"Impressive!" Posted by Nicola (LinkedIn)

"Check out @IdeaApp which allows you to see if your idea already exists on the market - a great first step before submitting to Quirky. " Posted by Quirky (Twitter)

For the same reasons consumers use any service: convenience and cost. For example, in order to obtain similar services as those offered by ideaApp, an inventor would have to invest time and money researching the invention process. We have made the entire process easy and NDA secure.

ideaApp is the only place in the world were thru our app you can search the entire world to see if your idea was ever done before, and get a PDF report on it back in your email instantly. It's NDA secure.

Prior Art Searches, Possible 100% Funding Partnerships, File a Provisional Electronically, Find Resources Instantly and Have Investors view only those inventions posted by you in our For Sale Vault

Is ideaApp Secure?

Yes. We have a redundant security entry code system in place to keep your invention or new product idea NDA confidential and secure.

How can ideaApp keep my idea from being stolen?

ideaApp has a unique confidence system of all users submitting inventions only after they receive our signed Non Disclosure Agreement automatically upon your login. No other invention company has a similar resource or automated NDA system.