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About ideaApp

NOW FREE patent search it and have peace of mind, that if its been done before, do not waste your time or money, but if it was never done before, go for it with vigor and confidence.

ideaApp was developed by Lori Jordan a Harvard MBA, Alan Amron a career successful known inventor with 38 awarded U.S. Patents. It was created specifically to give an inventor the over 100 years of our experiences in the sometimes complicated invention, protection and idea business process. ideaApp is an inventors and writers NDA Secure easy and quick access tool.

ideaApp was founded in 2010 and is a product development and evaluation business. The Company develops revenue-producing products from new product ideas submitted by ideaApp (aka, the “ideas-to-revenue” process).

The Company’s foundation is a composite of Amron companies that represent former individual, stand-alone companies established to market Alan Amron’s inventions. The last 10 products have earned Alan over $9 million in personal royalty revenues. Active products and many just releasing to the market are part of the asset consolidation process to transfer ownership to make TDI the official home to approximately 52 market products to include:

• ideaApp™, the “ideas-to-revenue” process, developed as a mobile and web-based app that enables would-be inventors capture every idea that they conceive whenever and wherever they may be and take the first steps of action needed to move their ideas forward;

• First Down Laser, developed by Alan Amron and partnered with Pat Summerall, for use as the official first down marker by the NFL and NCAA college conferences. This patented invention is under consideration by all major football franchises and consists of a chain flag sets system, a laser-beam first down line visible in the stadium as well as on TV;

• Four (4) entities whose products were licensed to Fisher-Price, Wham-O, Big Time Toys and ToyQuest and were sold in national retail stores including WalMart, Toys R Us, KMart and Target;

• Eight (8) patented inventions ready for licensing or, alternatively, for manufacturing for sales through home shopping networks HSN and QVC and to be sold in retail outlets directly;

• ideaApp™ users take the next step from “Dreams to Reality – Ideas to Revenue” and move their thoughts and ideas into the innovation engine of TDI. You can be one of the few who can complete this list!

The ideaApp Business Model

TDI was established to handle the funding, development, and sales of the existing and under development products and all of the new ideaApp™ approved and acquired inventions to be developed. Consolidating multiple entities under a single business structure resulting maximizes the efficiencies and creates a repeatable model “Dreams to Reality – Ideas to Revenue” product development model; consequently, more ideas could be brought to the market quicker. All participants in the TDI model see profits generated faster from their invention—and ideaAPP™ inventors who are approved and interested in having ideaApp develop their products in exchange for a share in the proceeds see revenue faster, a return of their initial invested funds via issued TDI common stock, and an end to cash outlay into their investment after joining TDI.

The BUSINESS PROCESS Section explains how the Company plans to achieve its objective of handling the simultaneous development of approximately 52 products. The basis of existing revenue generating inventions along with the ready-for-market and licensing, are at the back end of the funnel financing the development mill. New products from ideaApp™ innovators showing high market potential will feed the “Dreams and Ideas” front end. Upon emerging from the development mill, each of the developed products will be either licensed through royalties or is manufactured and generates revenues through sales.

The ideaApp product development model creates a continual flow of products to continually grow our revenue-generating mill. Given the basis of the Company is a mix of mature and emerging products already in the process, our growing portfolio is distributed with products across the full product development lifecycle. That means TDI has the workload balance to grow products to maturity and fuel our growth in a managed model.

About Alan Amron’s Invention History

* 28 issued United States patents and 12 patents pending, of which 16 have been successfully licensed over the years – the past inventions only are being placed into the Company.

* His last 10 products have earned him over $9 million in personal royalty revenues.

* Celebrity partnerships that speed product to market; currently, Alan Amron is partnering with Pat Summerall on First Down Laser System. Past partnership ventures include Frank and Tina Sinatra (Bi-Coastal Airlines), Muhammad Ali (Beatles reunion), and Kristy and Jimmy McNichol (ABC’s “TV” series, Toys and music Albums).

Alan Amron’s products were sold on DRTV media (HSN, QVC) and large retail outlets including: Walmart, Kmart, Target, Sears, Toy "R" Us, Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon, eBay, and the Sharper Image catalog.